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Moving Long Distance? Check Out Our Long Distance Moving Guide

Long Distance Moving Guide

Moving state to state can be the most stressful type of move. Packing your whole life into a truck and moving to another state requires professional movers with interstate moving experience.

A long distance (interstate) move is a move that takes you from your home/origin state to any destination outside your home/origin state.

Long distance moving charges are based mainly on the weight of your items and the distance they need to be moved. It just makes sense that moving a sparsely furnished four-room house from Atlanta to Baltimore will be cheaper than moving a twenty-room house packed with furniture from Boston to Seattle.

The weight of your items is actually measured on a scale. Only, the scale is for the truck. Before the move, the weight of the truck without your goods is measured. This is called "empty weight". The scales are usually located at the nearest truck stops or at the moving companies' facilities. You are allowed to accompany the driver to the scale during the weigh-in to ensure that everything is in order. Make sure that your mover provides you with an "empty weight" receipt.

One of the important things you should do before you move is to have complete knowledge of your new neighborhood. Knowing the layout of your new community or apartment complex, knowing if your area can accommodate a huge semi-trailer, as well as knowing about any building restrictions or walkway/elevator access in advance can help avoid any additional charges during your move. The moving company will have no knowledge of this information, so it is up to you to provide it to the best of your knowledge.

are three different ways to pack up your household items. You can do it all yourself, have the moving companies partially pack some of your items, or you can have them pack everything. If you have anyone else other than the local moving company pack your items understand that the local moving company is not liable for any of the damage that occurred inside of the boxes during your move.

Choosing When To Move

Picking the time of year, month and day of the week can be very crucial in your move. Most people choose to move during the summer months when their kids are out of school or during vacation. Moving companies need to hire seasonal help to meet this increase in moving demand. This means that inexperienced movers are often hired during these busy months. This problem also exists during the end and beginning of each month when everybody's lease is up, and on Fridays when people take off of work. Also, if your move should only take about half a day, hiring movers for first thing in the morning is always recommended. Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the middle of the month are the best days to move if you have not planned ahead. By Thursday, the best movers are getting tired from the last three days of tough jobs and on Fridays, all the good movers are usually allocated to the customers that planned ahead.

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